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How Does Rent 2 Own Work?


With EZ Rent 2 Own OKC, we make the home buying process a breeze.

  1. View our inventory and see the great homes you could call your own. Call or email us to schedule a showing, or to tell us what type of home you are looking for and we’ll call you when we have what you need.

  2. If you are ready to apply, we’ll give you a simple application and do a light background check. No credit check is required!

  3. After you’re approved, we’ll agree on the lease terms, down payment, purchase price, and moving date. We’ll meet you to go over the documents and answer any questions.

  4. Move in to your new home! With an Option Agreement, you will start earning equity in your home just as if you had a mortgage. A portion of your rent every month is credited to you at closing when you refinance.

  5. If you need help repairing your credit, we can help you with that so you’ll be ready to make the home your own for good! We provide free credit repair consultations for our buyers.

  6. When you’re ready to refinance with a traditional mortgage, we’ll walk you through the process with the help of our mortgage broker and preferred title company.

  7. Own your home!



How long are the Rent 2 Own terms?


The good news is your option to buy the house never expires! And you’re not obligated to buy the house if your situation changes later.


The lease terms start at 2 years, and are renewable each year after that, until you are ready to refinance. When you refinance, you can typically roll the closing costs into the loan, and come out with a lower monthly payment than the rent.


How To Get Started


Get started by viewing our properties here and contacting us to start the process. Be sure to contact us even if your preferred home isn’t shown here. Some of the best deals don’t even make it to this site because they get snatched up by those already pre-qualified BEFORE we even get a chance to advertise it.

Thanks! Message sent.

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